4 Tips to Add Fireworks to Your Fourth of July

Even though it may not be your Fday, you can still use the long weekend as a chance to strengthen your marriage. Here are four tips to add some of your own fireworks on July 4.

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James Macdonald watched in disbelief as his wife, Brenda, walked out the door determined to go to L.A. to try out for ‘The Bachelorette.’

You And Yours Should Go To Kauai … Now!

A wave rolls onto Poipu beach leaving its foamy aftermath. In the water, riding a decent enough wave, a six-year-old surfer skims easily over the reef and takes time to wave at white-legged tourists who can’t help but watch her.

Adult-Only Reception Really Just A Suggestion

SHREVEPORT, Louisiana — Shawn and Brenda Ott are just your average family — two kids, a dog, a meager 401(k) plan — but they know they’re anything but average. So when

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To discourage Sharon, his wife, from taking just one bite of everything he eats Samuel has gone to great lengths to dissuade her palate.