Newlyweds Give Up Puppy After Prematurely Adopting It

Married for four months Michael and Lilly Anderson returned Max, their puppy of only two months, to the shelter from which they rescued it.

Michael Strahan’s Departure Inspires TV Husbands To Bail On Their TV  Wives

In the wake of Live’s Michael Strahan bailing on TV wife, Kelly Ripa, for Good Morning America dozens of lesser-known male co-anchors at local television stations have followed suit.

Bride Realizes Mother-in-Law Really Does Know Best

When Katie Hampton, 25, got engaged, she thought she knew exactly what she wanted when it came to a wedding dress.

Wedding RSVPs Scorned By Millennials

Bucking today’s craft and destination weddings, Don and Melinda Frank yearned instead for big tuxes, plated dinners and a dance party — 90’s style.

Prince’s Death Is Welcome News For Insecure Men, Say Researchers

When Ted Cole, an office worker in Minnetonka, heard that mega-superstar Prince had unexpectedly died he exhaled a sigh of relief and thrust a defiant fist in the air.